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Ceramic implants: healthy, aesthetic, stable

We are your specialists for ceramic implants - by SDS (swissdentalsoultions ) certified dental clinic as one of the first dental clinics in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Convential implants are made of metal, more specifically titanium.

With the swissdentalsoultions (SDS) implants developed by Dr. Volz, we offer all patients a real alternative - completely free of metal!

The long-standing implants made from solid ceramics are characterized by:

  • excellent tolerance, no allergy development
    Zirconium oxide ceramic is the most tolerable material in dentistry of all time. It is an excellent choice for patients suffering from allergies or a sensitization to metals.
  • Outstanding aesthetic
    The implants are completely white. In contrast to titanium implants, there is no longer metal shimmering through and there are no dark edges in the implant area.
  • Excellent biocompatibility
    IIn contrast to natural teeth and titanium implants, the smoother surface significantly reduces the accumulation of plaque. Due to the one-piece-structure of the implants, there is no longer any gap in which bacteria could accumulate.
  • Great stability
    The implant system by swissdentalsoultions (SDS) has the same or a higher degree of stability than comparable titanium implants.

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Beautiful white teeth and pink gums are an expression of health, energy, joy of life and self-esteem. We would like to help you to keep or restore your radiant laughter. The swissdentalsoultions (SDS) ceramic implants developed by Dr. Volz are thoroughly white and closely resemble the natural tooth color. In contrast to titanium implants, there are no gray edges on the gingival margin and there is no grey shimmering through. Even if the covering gum is extremely thin or receding, the implant remains perfectly white. For this reason, we use ceramic implants by swissdentalsoultions (SDS) - especially for the anterior tooth area.