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In biological dentistry, we always keep the effects of our treatments and therapies on the organism and the general health of our patients in mind. If you act like that, you renounce amalgam and other metals in inlays or dentures.

Metals in the mouth: more than just an allergy risk

Allergies and intolerances have been increasing for a long time. This is proven by global studies and we can also see that in our clinic. Increasingly, the question arises as to what role metals play in the mouth. Although direct incompatibilities of common dental metals such as gold, platinum or titanium are rather rare - they still exist and are noticeable through pain, the taste of metal, bad breath or inflammations.

Metals in the mouth and permanent environmental influences such as electromagnetic radiation and heavy metals in the air or in food pollute the organism.

In clinical trials, the effects of these metals are shown in the form of:

  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Dementia
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (fatigue)
  • Cardiovascular diseases

There are different ways in which our body is burdened by metals and of course every human being, every immune system, reacts differently. In addition to the great danger of toxic heavy metals such as mercury in amalgam fillings, metals also have other risky properties.

  • Metals and radiation: In the wet mouth, metals become electrical conductors. If several metals are present, a measurable current flows. In addition, metals act as antennas and amplifiers of electromagnetic fields. Especially in times of cell phones and W-LAN, the biological effects on the body are uncontrollable and hard to estimate.
  • Metals and the immune system: More and more people are reacting to metals with intolerances and allergies. The immune system perceives individual metal molecules as foreign bodies and reacts with an immunological reaction. Here, even the smallest amounts of the corresponding metal are enough to cause an allergy.

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