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Your dentist in Tittling

We treat you according to the principle: Seeing the big picture gives much more security! The starting point is always an exact diagnosis. That is because the diagnosis decides which following therapeutic steps are needed. If an accurate diagnosis is just as important to you as the reduction of radiation during an X-ray, then we can combine both benefits for you in our clinic!

Your health and an ideal treatment for your needs are our top priority. That is exactly why we use a cone beam computer tomograph (CBCT) in our clinic in Tittling. The modern X-ray machine makes it possible to better recognize the relationships between teeth, gums and jaws. For biological dentistry and implantology, a CBCT is indispensable!

These are the advantages of the CBCT in Tittling:

  • Exact diagnoses and an ideal therapy planning
  • Detection of interference fields and sources of inflammation
  • Detection of jaw cysts
  • Diagnosis of displaced wisdom teeth
  • Safe planning of dental implants
  • Timely detection of jaw joint diseases

In contrast to conventional x-ray equipment, we can also produce three-dimensional images with the CBCT. The spatial resolution gives us an even closer look into the structures of the jaw and teeth. And that, you can profit from maximum safety and minimal radiation!

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